Country's Name : Kirghizistan
Capital City : Bishkek
Route : -
Distance : -
Primary Harbors : -
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Kirghizistan  Our Transportation Services in

Project Transportation
: We provide project transportation services to the most difficult regions that are required due to their engineering and geographical location.
: We know where the closest vessel is for your cargo by following more than 2200 vessels.We are serving for your chartering requirements including door to door deliveries.
Heavy Transportation
: We have heavy transport service with our own fleet which consist of lowbed trucks.
Railway Transportation
: We have railway service including door to door delivery with block train basis weekly schedule.
Road Transportation
: We serve our customers for their full and partial land transport requirements.
River Transportion
: Complete ship renting and cargo transportation service to Caspian Sea harbors and owned River type ships with Russian flag and offers door-to-door delivery opportunity.