Network Global Logistics provides maximum 150 tons heavy transportation to foreign by road and out of gauge transportation services for loads those have out of standards sizes as heightxwidth length by special equipment and tools.

It provides to transport with project ships those were specially designed for loads can’t be carried by road due to their sizes or being more than 150 tons. Also, it has surveillance service certificate to prepare an internationally valid report for transfers carried out at all harbors and transfer points for possible risks.



Our Company carries out regular heavy transportations to all over Turkey by its, truck flee( Lowbed vehicles). Therefore, it has possibility to offer the most favorite Domestic Heavy Transportation Service as soon as possible whenever customers need. Products shipped abroad:

 Transformer Transportations,

 Turbine Transportations,

 Generator Transportations,,

 Construction Equipment Transportations (Excavator, Bulldozer, Loader etc.),

 Gauge Load Transportations,

 Energy Station Transportations,

 Concrete Station Transportations,

 Stone crusher , Screening Plant Transportations,

 Casting Units Transportations,

 Ship Motor Transportations,

 Boat and Yacht Transportations,



2-Extendable Lowbed with Axle Pool


3-Axle Extendable Flat-trailer

3-Axle Extendable Lowbed


3-Axle Hydraulic Lowbed with Pool


3-Extendable Lowbed with Axle Pool


4-Axle Extendable Lowbed


4-Axle Hydraulic Pool Extendable Lowbed


5-Axle Extendable Lowbed


5-Aks Hydraulic Lowbed with Pool


6-Axle Extendable Lowbed


6-Axle "VarioMax " Hydraulic Extendable Lowbed


6-Axle "Multimax" Extendable Lowbed with Hydraulic Pool


8-Axle "Variomax" Hydraulic Extendable Lowbed


8-Axle "Multimax" Extendable Lowbed with Hydraulic Pool


8-Axle Hydraulic Extendable Lowbed




Asian Countries

Afghanistan , Azerbaijan , Bahrein , United Arab Emirates , Armenia , Georgia , Iraq , Qatar , Kazakhstan , Kırghizstan , Russia, Tajikistan , Turkmenistan , Uzbekistan


European Countries

Germany , Albania , Austria , Belgium , Belarus , United , Bosnia-Herzegovina , Bulgaria , Denmark , Estonia , Finland , France , Netherlands , Croatia , England , Kosovo , North Cyprus Turkish Republic , Latvia , Liechtenstein , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Hungary , Macedonia , Moldova , Norway , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Russia , Slovakia , Slovenia , Serbia , Montenegro , Ukraine , Greece , Czech Republic , Ireland , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Italy .