about us



Network Global Lojistik AŞ that provides logistic service to many corporate companies from Turkey and world since 2008 is a company that specialized concerning industrial project transportation and multimodal transportation. It succeeded to be the second rapidest growing company of Turkey after 2 years from its establishment and awarded in this area for three years in a row.

Network Global Lojistik makes a difference in sector by using road, sea route, river route, railway and air way transportation methods due to its agencies all over the world and large truck fleet.

Our company follows need of customers in international trade market very closely. We improve quality of our service day by day and shape service details in accordance with global needs as a requirement of sustainable information flow. Our company that adopts customer-focused way of work brings customers’ "logistic costs to minimum by alternative methods it offers. In this context, it always makes researches in placed market. It keeps it leadership in terms of low costs as well as delivery on time and rapid informing by always developing its corporate structure." It keeps doing its activities with environmental-friendly methods by considering global environment threads.

 Contributing development of logistic sector in Turkey,

 Using latest technology tools and corporate methods in accordance with needs,

 Raising qualified labor for sector by collaborating with academy and increasing solutions to develop its work flow and services as part of this collaboration,

 Becoming prominent as an environmental-friendly brand in sector by showing awareness to environmental subjects. In its activities kept doing with “keeping our position in global logistic brands and taking our brand to the highest level” “keeping our leader position in global logistic brands and keeping every project more efficiently” vision.