Respect For Human

Respect for employees, customers, working partners and the rest of the society comes first at Network Global Logistics. We treat our employees regardless of their nationality, religion, political views, personal opinions, gender, and life orientation, and we give them equal opportunities. Network Global Logistics, as well as being oppose of any kind of discrimination sees every difference as the resource of a synergy.


Network Global Logistics acts with the notion of reliability and fairness towards its customers, working partners and the rest of the society. Therefore, it takes special care to treat everyone equal and creates equal opportunities.


Network Global Logistics supports the expression of people themselves freely in its every field of activity. The employees of Network Global Logistics can freely discuss and share anytime both daily issues and the problems related to the company operations with managers and top executives.


Network Global Logistics, does not share the any personal or corporate information gathered on its duties with third parties unless individuals and companies do not allow. It gives utmost important to the information security and it protects the information with the highest level that the law allows.


Network Global Logistics operates in such a working environment based on openness and collaboration with the customers in its activities carried out in respect of principle of transparency. It helps everyone without any discrimination to access authentic and accurate information in the frame of the principle of confidentiality.

Professıonal Conscıousness

Network Global Logistics does not tolerate any kind of unmoral, unlawful or unfair works. It does not approve any kind of approaches not based on its core values of reliability, professional consciousness and fairness at its operational activities.


Network Global Logistics as an individual or as a team undertakes responsibility for its activities and its attitudes towards third parties. It accepts its operational responsibility.


"Customer" is the first ranked priority for Network Global Logistics. Its one of the main principles is to be a reliable solution partner offering efficient solutions at all services provided to its customers or towards the altering necessities of customers.

Employees' Satisfaction And Team Spirit

Network Global Logistics has a structure which gives particular importance on qualified labor, giving initiative to the employees, change, development and institutionalization. Because it believes that they are a big family instead of being only a company. All relationships with the employees are based on sympathy, respect and goodwill.

Innovativeness And Perfectionism

Network Global Logistics following all national or international innovations in logistics, supports new ideas and commitments. Involving all kind of innovative implementations into its activities in order to develop the operations, it put them in practice. It aims the highest quality and the perfection at its all operations, and adopts offering excellent work solution and working in this respect as its main principle.

Nature And Envıronmental Awareness

Network Global Logistics accepts protection of nature and environment as one of its main and vital responsibility. Being nature and environment friendly is the natural result of Network Global Logistics' activities and it is also aware of its responsibilities towards the society in which it takes part. It does its best to ameliorate the life in our country and environment and it invites everybody to contribute for this purpose.