Network Global Logistics provides multimodal transportation service between Europe Turkic Republics and Far East countries in terms of more than one transportation type (road, sea route, river road, railway, airway) due to its owned different transportation units/equipment.

Network Global Logistics succeeded to be company that makes most railway transportation to Turkic Republics from Turkey and European countries. At the same time it provides river road transportation service with river type ships between these countries.

Network Global Logistics succeeded to be most favorite company in this field by bringing many of its customers with multimodal transportation together.

Advantages of Multimodal Transportation Model

Multimodal transportation model is environment-friendly. Thousands of hectares forests are avoided to be destroyed due to this transportation model.

  • It is an ecologic transportation type that does not cause environment pollution due to providing less CO2 oscillation to 75% comparing with road transportation.
  • It provides control and follow-up convenience by regular loading, transporting and evacuating opportunities.
  • It is a model with high preferability due to its fixed price advantage.
  • It allows to make a realist planning chance by offering fixed transportation durations without being effected by air and road conditions.