Çalışan Hakları


Salary and Social Rights

We are planning to crown the high performance by means of our performance-based salary system and social rights.

We are offering such opportunities to our employees like food allowance, further support and gifts in their special occasions; moreover we are delivering special packages including basic food stuff in Ramadan.

We have also some other awards to reward our employees that are showing great efforts.

As of Network Global Logistics, we always avoid from making harsh judgments and giving empty promises to our employees. We encourage all our employees to share, namely to absorb the administrative responsibility in full and to cooperate together basing on professional business mentality and act like a family.

Social Activities and Team Works

Working with high performance and customer-focused Network Global Logistics employees are surrounded by a sincere and pleasant working environment. Think about an amusing and friendly working environment colored with birthday parties, "hello summer" parties, paintball and bowling tournaments and so many other activities...